Today I have just been plain cold. It’s not even that bad out, it’s like 50 something, but man the wind is blowing. I took Asher out and retreated to the garage (to read Martha Stewart) where I could get out of the wind a bit and still see Asher dig to China. I’m taking advantage of nap time to catch up on my blog before I go upstairs to draw some. The picture is part of my messy desk that I see at my computer, but I like to think it is “warm and cozy” looking.

I have been reading some just fabulous blogs lately. My newest thing here is to give a little nod to some of the places I visit. Some on a regular basis, some by chance. There are funny ones, serious ones, creative ones, complaining ones, some just flat out brag and others quietly show their creativity and wit.

I bought just a Turkey breast this year and will be cooking it at my dad’s this year, so I let it thaw in his fridge. I got home and then freaked out because I just figured out how long that is going to take! I think this turkey is going to have to take the plunge, into the sink that is. My grandma used to always thaw out meat in the sink. Long before all of us turned into germ-a-phobes. I read that the sink, espcially the drain, is the germiest area in the kitchen. It was nothing to walk by her sink, in search of something to eat or drink and pause to look at the skin and headless squirrel carcasses floating in luke warm water.

I won’t just leave you with that thought, so here is…

“This Artists Observations of the Day”
Feeling of the day: cold on the outside, but warm inside 🙂
I’m grateful for: optimistic people
I am wearing: Royal Blue
I thought about today: is my turkey thawing out?
I miss: warm summer afternoons

Best thing I did today: took my kid outside even though it was blustery

Today I visited:

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