We went to the animal shelter, Asher and I did today with such feelings of excitement and rush of happiness only to find out we can’t get Shena until Saturday. Oh… it’ll never get here.

In my disappointment and surprise (she is 6 months older now than in the picture! Plus 50 pounds of muscle!) I forgot to snap a new picture of her even though I had my camera with me. I also found out her original name was Lilly Rose. I guess the volunteers rename them, I’m not sure how that came about. I had already gotten used to the name Shena but I think she would pretty much come to anything. The poor thing has been in the shelter and in and out of a foster family for half her life already. I think I will stick to the name Shena. We went to the Pet Food Center anyway and bought some new chew toys for her and I picked out a soft and cozy pad for her kennel that she will sleep in, I’m sure to my husbands dismay.

Oh, but what a sweet girl she is I can already tell even with just the hour long visit I had with her today. I have to admit, when she was first brought to us and she was a lot bigger than I thought she would be I had my doubts! Plus, the woman at the counter was getting off her shift and bent down to pet Shena and said to me and the volunteer with a smile “aww shes got some bull in her, too”. As in Pit Bull. OMG. Not what a mother of a four year old wants to hear. The volunteer told me she didn’t think Shena was pit bull and I had looked up American Staffordshire terrier earlier and could see that they could resemble a pit but because of their head and chest being so large, so I hope the counter lady is wrong (no offense to pit bull owners). Then she was sooooo excited and of coursed piddled on the floor and then stepped in it and then jumped on Asher and knocked him into the glass doors… oh my… I thought I can’t take this dog.

But I looked at Asher and asked him if he was scared and at first the look on his face was astonishment I think but he shook his head no and by the time we decided to leave she had calmed down considerably and my heart already was connected with hers. How can I not take this dog? We are her only hope. Most of you know that at an animal control type of place, animals are on the waiting list to… well you know. I can’t bear the thought. I have to save this sweet dog. I pray that Shena works out. I know that she will not be in puppy stage for more than 6 more months or so and she will surly calm down once allowed to run and be loved on constantly and have her forever home. I really pray too, that my beautiful cat Glove who is about 17 will understand and forgive me for bringing in an outsider and not go neurotic on me or worse. Shena is reportedly good with cats, I hope and pray that is true.

So please, everyone give me your prayers that Shena will work out wonderfully and that my husband will fall in love with her and all will be well. I’ll keep you all posted!

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