I was reading a favorite blog last night and the writer posed a question: “What are we thank hearted for?”

It doesn’t take but a second to think of more things than I can reasonably type and talk about that wouldn’t just be the same as yourself or perhaps be just a boring list of normal things that we are all thankful of  (and with good reason)-  like health -if you’re lucky enough, family, friends, etc., etc. But her writing and beautiful imagery put me in the mood to try harder and reach further for something that I’m not normally thankful for and that is winter. Any winter generally, but this time an early winter it seems.

So I wrote what started out to be a book… because I love to comment most usually on posts that I get something out of and generally, as you may know, I invariably have something to say about pretty much everything. But then as I noticed I had rambled on a bit too much, I thought maybe I should share my introspection on my own blog. So this post is a culmination of all I had written (and then deleted!).

What am I thank hearted for?

Oh my goodness… I feel so thankful hearted for so many, many things. Sometimes though, it’s a little harder to be thankful when I’m cold and in my ‘grouchy I don’t want it to be winter’ mood. Just this morning while driving I noticed how the landscape doesn’t resemble summer even the slightest bit or fall anymore either where I live. I drove through icy mist viewing the dreary countryside and all of a sudden it washed over me… a feeling of warmth and dare I say it, happiness?

Lonely tree in the mist

Lonely tree in the mist

I’ve noticed the trees hanging on to their leaves almost desperately this year. My grandpa used to say that was a sign of a rough winter to come. I learned so much from my Grandpa Shell and my mother about gardening and appreciating all the things that grow around us. I’m thankful hearted for those memories for sure.

creek rushing over rocks

creek rushing over rocks

crows flying over the road

crows flying over the road

From the warmth of my van, I observed tawny colored reeds gracefully bent over from the cold drizzly rain, and rich, chocolatey brown earth that has been freshly plowed in the fields. Winter wheat just barely peeking up its head with shocking bright little hits of green that remind me of a five o’clock shadow on a man’s face.

Old Barn

Old Barn

And I remembered.

Everything needs a period of rest.

Another thing taught by my grandpa and I’ve found to be true with my years.

Winter has arrived early for us it appears, but I take comfort in the cozy warm feeling I have in my heart knowing that we need this rest.

The earth needs this rest.

Mother Nature needs this rest.

on a country road late fall

on a country road late fall – the fields are resting

Country gravel road

Country gravel road to my house

Before I know it, change will be in the winds again. Until then, I’ll curl up with my sweet little boy Asher, JuJu will join us on the couch, ever faithfull Zoey will be at our feet, and grumpy Mocee will just be mad somewhere. We’ll read together during these short hours of golden light or gray mist – whatever the case may be and we’ll cuddle up under warm and fuzzy blankets and giggle… savoring this time of rest. I’ll just have to get my green fix with my houseplants and another luxury I’m thankful for… my greenhouse.

JuJu in the window. Happy Houseplants

JuJu in the window on a eerily warm late fall day. Happy Houseplants

Before I go, I wanted to share my latest artwork. I’ve been getting ready for my next and probably last art show for the year, Christmas in New Harmony. I’ve got some hand pulled black and white contemporary looking tree mono prints that I’ve matted and I think quite handsome.

Freshly pulled mono print

Freshly pulled mono print

Contemporary black & white mono prints.

Contemporary black & white mono prints.

And also, hand embellished mono prints. These are of my beloved koi fish from my pond. Each one is an original as I’ve hand colored them all differently and they will be matted as well. I bought a boat load of 5×7 matts so guess what size they all are? Ha ha… great for gift giving. I’ll have them in my shop as soon as I can get some good photos of them.

Hand embellished koi fish mono print

Hand embellished koi fish mono print

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paintings by New Harmony, Indiana artist Jaime Haney

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