up to his neck in sand on a Florida beach

Well I’ve been back from our annual trip to Florida a couple weeks now and I’m slow to get moving. I need a vacation from my Florida vacation! Hah!

Nah, it’s not that bad. I’m just spending all my time outside gardening as usual. I’ve still not got all my plants I’ve grown from seed or purchased in the ground or in pots! I’m nearly done though and since it’s going to be 96˚ F here today, I thought I’d cool off a bit and post to my poor neglected blog again.

Almost every year we try to take ourselves to our favorite Florida spot, New Smyrna Beach and usually have extended family going as well. This year there weren’t too many of us, since we now go after school lets out.

We used to always go to Florida in September, which I prefer, but now it’s harder for my son to catch up on school work and it’s just better for us to go when school is out. But for most of the rest of the family, they either don’t have kids or want to wait for September when the rates are lower. I don’t blame them, but we do miss having the whole giant gang there.

On with the Florida vacation photos

(I know you’re just dying to see, right?! hahaha)

We had beach days everyday, so I’ll spare you the tons of photos I took of my kid digging in the sand and us basking in the sun. Just the hi-light reel.

getting buried

He’s actually scrunched up in a ball.

swimming in the ocean

Telling me stories of something

relaxing on the beach

Beach selfie

Waiting at one of our must haves restaurants, The Breakers, on Flaggler Ave. They have great burgers and an even better location right on the beach. I always get the Hawaiian burger with pineapple and bbq. Yum.

getting ready to eat at The Breakers burger joint

One of the best parts, besides just being at the beach each day, was an airboat ride we all took. We’ve done them before, but this one was the best so far. We selected Midway Airboat Rides and had a great tour guide, he was funny and informative and the boats had a system so that we could hear each other talk through microphones.

Midway Airboat Rides

Here are some of the things I saw…

Waiting for take off. See the jokester on the right. She’s going to be in entertainment somehow, I’m convinced.

being silly

Asher and his cousins

view from my airboat seat

Sadly, this was my best alligator in the wild photo.

St. Johns River

ready to ride

Me and the hubby

Strangely enough, there were cattle all around the land areas. We were on the St. Johns river. This cracked me up, a bird on the bulls back.

bull and a bird

We saw lots of birds including this beautiful and graceful blue heron.

blue heron flying

The guide took us into this swampy area with beautiful cypress trees.

swampy area

I think I may have to paint a scene with these trees, it was so hauntingly beautiful. beautiful swamp trees

When we started to head back, a pretty big storm was building up.

towering storm clouds

We had been gone a little longer than we should’ve so we high tailed it back. It felt like we were flying! So fun.

need for speed on the airboat

Pony tails are twirling and hair is flyin’!

We got back and of course they had alligators for us to hold.

Midway Airboat Rides

young alligator in cage

Here’s Hollywood. I think he’s used to being handled, he didn’t even flinch after being passed around to all of us. They also had a giant pig named Pork Chop and a huge turtle walking around in the gift shop but I can’t remember it’s name. I wish I had taken a picture of both of them, but I didn’t.

holding an alligator

After our airboat ride, we stopped at our favorite pizza place, Alberto’s in Edgewater. Alberto’s is another must visit each time. So good!

At our favorite pizza spot Alberto's in Edgewater FL

Waiting for our pizza

But wait, there’s still more Florida fun…

Another day of beach and pool at the resort we stay at, Islander Beach Resort. This was a special hour of fun in the pool, Eric (the do it all guy there) arranged to have a giant ball for volleyball. Everyone had a great time with that.

Giant pool volleyball

more volleyball fun in the pool

I think our last day was a beach day and a bunch of the group rented a golf cart for an hour or so. I stayed on the beach and enjoyed the quiet.

Beach cart ride

I thought this was appropriate for this weekend being Father’s Day.

father and son on beach

Father and son

Until next year Florida…

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