Okay, so of course I’m joking about comparing face painting and attracting kids like flies. At least on I’m joking about the sarcastic aspect of attracting flies. If you’ve read my blog long enough you know that I occasionally do face painting to just a handful of worthwhile events like a fund raiser for Posey County Pound Puppies and Friends of Harmonie State Park.

And you should also know that I speak the truth when I say attract kids like flies with face painting! Those kids absolutely love to get their face painted. I get the attraction (no pun intended). I too, love to paint my face up to be spooky or fantasy especially for Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, I haven’t gotten an invitation yet to my favorite Halloween Party where I go all out on the costumes for myself. I hope she’s not pooping out on me this year! I have given a little thought to a costume this year, but not as much as past years (here’s a favorite), as I’ve been very busy this year. But never fear, if I receive the invite, I can whip up something spooky in a lick!

This past weekend was fun. Friday night I went to the Victory Theatre in Evansville with my dad and we watched Discover Davinci & Michelangelo Side by Side. It was like a live documentary with slides and very personable speaker, Mr. Mark Rodgers. If you’re interested in learning more, here is a link to the website. I was just amazed at all the inventions by Davinci. It made me wonder how does someone possess such intelligence? Was he really that ingenious or perhaps even psychic to know things 500 years before it’s time? It really made me think. Excellent performance.

Anyhoo… here are some of the faces I painted on Saturday. It was freezing cold and the wind was blowing to make it even chillier. That night I took two Ibuprofen and fell asleep on the couch by 7:30. The next day, more Ibuprofen. Today (just after midnight on Monday) and I’m still hurting. I guess I’m getting too old to bend over and forward! Ha ha… or this is what 8 and a half hours of non-stop face painting does to you. No break, no bathroom, no food or drink…  On the up side, I didn’t drink anything, so I didn’t need to have a bathroom break… ha ha you gotta love it.. But I just couldn’t say no to these sweet kids, they are all so patient waiting in line and excited to see and pick out their designs. Makes me feel good 🙂

snake or lizard painted face sweet flower garland on forehead of little girl butterfly princess mask Frosty pinks, purples and white swishes face painting Batman painted mask on happy boy Heart face pink and purple lion face painting boy with vampire face paint Happy cow on cheek face paint Purple ice cream cone face painting on cheek Ninja Turtle-ish cheek face paint Happy friends with painted faces Jack Skeleton face paint first face painting on sweet 3 year old First face painting on 3 year old Boy with scary black and white face paint Happy Rainbow Tiger face paint


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