A couple of weeks ago, I taught a fall landscape painting class to a packed house at Owensville Carnegie Public Library. I had 16 people sign up and that was the limit for the space. Their director contacted me to teach and so it was the first time for me to teach at this library. It was a perfect location. They have the nicest annex area with a kitchen and I couldn’t have asked for a better set up.

A woman working on her fall landscape painting.

The students were so creative! I was so proud as I watched them paint. My style of teaching is to show the basics, but I really encourage everyone to use their own creativity. I gently guide them instead of saying this stroke goes here, etc.

A woman checking her work on her painting.

I just love the shot above as my student is contemplating her work. The same as I do in my studio! There were a few that seemed frustrated at times, but I am able to offer my opinion and suggest ways to work through the issues to come up with a solution. I don’t ever want to say you have to do things a certain way because there’s usually a bunch of different ways to accomplish something.

man working on his fall landscape painting.

Everyone’s paintings end up similar but so unique to their own style and personality. I’m always inspired by my students work. They have a fresh way of looking at things that sometimes astonish me. I take away into my own art practice as much as I give I think.

Students working on a fall landscape painting.

We had one young one join us, I think she was about 6. She created a wonderfully colorful fall landscape painting. I’m always a bit envious of children’s ease of painting. I learn a lot from them and she ended up so proud of her painting.

A student holding her fall landscape painting.

When I see the smiles on my students faces as they complete their work and I can tell that they’re really proud of what they’ve done, it just makes my day. Mostly, I walk around and see if anyone’s stuck or needs a little guidance after I show them the initial way to start. Jumping in and painting can be intimidating so I do find that a little instruction goes a long way.

Students holding up their painting after a fall landscape painting class.

Hopefully, I’ll be asked to another class in the spring. I already have an idea for a spring landscape painting. I leave a comment card with each student, some fill it out and others don’t, it’s fine. But for this class, I received some of the nicest compliments. It made me feel really good and reminds me of why I’m teaching.

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