Here it is late October and the leaves are turning fast now and some even falling already. My son and I had a fall walk a short while ago and I wanted to share some photos.

I’ve also got a couple of new paintings going on. One is really just the beginning, it’s a sketch on a canvas panel of the Cook Mansion where I’m to have an art exhibit in December. Later, I’ll post about the details of that exhibit. For now, I’ll just tell you it’s in a historic mansion in Evansville Indiana that’s being restored.

sketch of Henry Cook Mansion of Evansville Indiana.

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The other day… I guess it’s probably been a week now though, my son Asher and I went for a fall walk. The trees had just started to turn. I love to walk through our woods. We are fortunate enough to have ten acres and some of it has old growth forest or woods as I call it.

Fall Walk

There are lots of Black Walnut trees, Paw Paw’s, Maples and these magnificent old Beech trees among others. These are my favorites. Just look how massive they get. My son has some trails in the woods and he had asked me to help him trim away some bits that needed trimming so we enjoyed this fall walk together. My price for helping was that he let me photograph him. Hey, he’s 13, I have to use all my bargaining power.

Asher beside a large Beech Tree.

Halloween is just two days away. The annual Halloween Party that I usually get all dressed up for didn’t happen this year and I must say, I feel a bit out of sorts. I usually spend quite a lot of time thinking up and creating my costume. Asher doesn’t like the spooky stuff, so he’s going as a construction barrel – our state flower. Him and his friend are both going to be one. Maybe I’ll hold a SLOW sign and follow them. *sigh* Halloween is kinda melancholy this year.

Fall Walk

taken this morning off the deck

The leaves have really turned now I’ve noticed. However, they aren’t as brilliantly colored as some years, it must be the drought we had from August through early October. It’s still pretty though.

The above photo was taken from the deck off our kitchen. I just love this view. Year after year, I take the same photo. When I came back in, my fall colored cat Loki was curious as to what I was doing. He looked so pretty posing like this I had to share.

Loki LeRoux

That’s all I’ve got time for today. I’ll share the new sugar skull painting I’m almost finished with next. This time it’s a male sugar skull and will match nicely with the one I shared over here a few weeks ago. After all, it is almost Day of the Dead!

⬅︎ Bridal Bouquet Portrait Painting / Painting A Historic Mansion ➡︎

paintings by Jaime Haney of New Harmony, Indiana

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