Our Condo, The Islander Beach Resort in New Smyrna Beach Florida

When you go vacation, don’t you have favorite places that you like to eat? If you’re like me, part of the fun of vacation is the eating out and trying new and yummy local dishes. Today, I wanted to share some favorite eats with you that we always make sure we eat at while in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Above is our condo, The Islander Beach Resort, a nice family oriented condo that is very casual. We do eat there cause we have a kitchen and make our own food, but this is about favorite eats and that just wouldn’t qualify. Cooking on vacation is no vacation in my book, haha. But I did want to show the entry because I think it’s pretty and always a welcome sight after driving for hours on end to get here.

front landscaping of condo

We walk by this landscaping area to get in the condo and I always love the stamped concrete design. We typically go to New Smyrna in September, but this year we went in early June and I was thrilled to see all the lush, green landscape with all kinds of blooming flowers. I guess by September everything is wore out from a long hot summer. It was nice to see the difference, they actually had grass that was green in their lawns!

On with our favorite eats… The first place we usually eat at isn’t even going to be on this post! That’s because I forgot about me taking the photos of it on my husband’s phone! Grrrr… and it isn’t available right now, so I’ll have another post that will include the favorite eats because I cannot leave this place out! But you’ll have to come back and find out what it is.

Okay, so first up is…

outdoor decor at Clancy's Cantina Mexican Restaurant

Clancy’s Cantina Fine Mexican Restaurant is the best tasting restaurant for mexican food that we have found. I get the shredded chicken Quesadillas De Pollo. Not as good as our favorite here at home (Tequila’s Mexican Restaurant), but it’s pretty good and I like the atmosphere.

outdoor dining area at Clancy's Cantina Mexican Restaurant

Above is their outside dining area, isn’t that cute and colorful? You can sit and watch the traffic and people walk by on Flagler Ave.

Painted terra cotta flower pots

You know how I love plants, and I thought this sweet Polka Dot plant looked great in the beautiful glazed terra cotta plant. All of the New Smyrna Beach businesses seemed to really make the effort to beautify the fronts of their shops with pretty plantings that I’m sure just grow effortlessly in the warm humid air.

On with the show… Next up on the way to eat pizza, I took this photo from the back seat while at a stop light. Not much time, but it turned out okay. I love all the street art everywhere. So colorful and happy. I think someone told me that kids were the ones to paint these pillars under the overpass. I love it! They did a great job.

Hwy Sign and street art on pillars of bridge street art on pillars of bridge

Pizza is always on the list and finding a good pizza joint isn’t always easy. I tend to like the Mom and Pop Pizza more than the commercially frozen dough kind (read Pizza Hut). We were told about Alberto’s Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant and it fit the bill for good eats. It takes quite a while to get your pizza, but it’s pretty good. It seems to be a local favorite as well. We’ve been eating there for a few years now. My only complaint would be I like a little more tomato sauce on my pizza, but our waitress brought me some so I was a happy camper.


Thanks for stopping by and reading about a couple of my favorite eats while in New Smyrna Beach. Have you got any favorite eats that you’d recommend and want to share? Anywhere, it doesn’t matter if it’s in NSB or not. We like travel, so I’d love to have a list of recommended good eats to hit up when on vacation. Tell me, I really want to know!

I’ll leave you with a photo of my fun lovin’ crazy kid and me about to dig in! (he had to have his own cheese pizza btw… pffttt. kids! They don’t know what’s good) See ya soon!

Pizza is served!



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