Favorite tools is the prompt for 21 Days in My Art World today. I have lots of favorite tools but one that gets used the most has to be my hands. Think about it. How many times are you using your hands to do things whether that’s pointing, grabbing opening, etc. Same for me but I’m smooshing paint (is that a word?), dabbing paint and scraping into paint with my hands and fingers.

Of course your hands hold various tools including the all important paint brush, but I find myself using my bare hands on every painting. It just gets the job done better sometimes. I discovered I can move paint around on the canvas so smoothly with my whole hand. If you’re wondering how that feels… it feels wonderful.

My hand as my favorite tool, with paint all over it.

Favorite Tools

Favorite tools. My hands are my favorite tools which is today’s prompt from #21daysinmyartworld My hands allow me to hold a brush, wield a palette knife and move paint around with my fingers. But most of all, my hands give me the ability to transfer my ideas into tangible things… my art. “It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it.” -Nelson Mandela #artistshands#jaimehaneyartist

In the time of Corona…

I have to mention that as I write this, in Indiana, we’re under a Stay At Home Order from Governor Holcomb due to the Corona Virus or Covid-19 to be more exact. That went into effect at 11:59 pm March 24th. It’s scheduled to expire April 6th at 11:59 pm but could be extended if things get worse I guess.

Just this evening on the news there has been a confirmed case in my county. But my county is the third largest in Indiana, so that’s not saying much. It covers many small towns and of course due to privacy, they’re not telling us where this person is. Instead I’m hearing act as if you already have the virus and stay home. We’re permitted to leave for food or medical attention or even work, if you’re still working.

My husband, who works for a car manufacturing plant, is off for 2 weeks. We just heard today also that there was confirmed case in the plant, but we don’t know anymore than that. I certainly hope they are only experiencing mild symptoms and recover quickly.

I’m not particularly worried but I’m being cautious. I am obeying the order and staying home except to get food and check on my dad. He wanted to get groceries and understandably is lonely but I told him I’d bring him anything he needed if I can find it. There’s no sense in risking it, he’s 72. The shelves are bare still at most places the last time I was out. This last trip to my closest Walmart was out of practically everything. It’s totally nuts.

I can’t understand how all this panic and hoarding helps anyone. When we get ice storm warnings, everyone runs out and raids the bread and milk but I’ve never had a problem getting any or toilet paper for that matter. But now, there’s not a stitch of anything even resembling toilet paper or tissues or hand sanitizer. Even anti-bacterial hand soap is gone.

One would think by now the shelves would be getting stocked back up. You’d think the hoarders have all they can store and the normal level headed people can now finally get some – it’s been over 2 weeks now since the panic buying began here in my area. But no. It was worse the last time I went. No cheese, meat, pasta, beans, cereal, pop tarts, frozen food and countless other foods are simply gone.

Many stores have implemented a senior buying time at 6 in the morning on certain days. Who gets to a store that early? haha not me even if I were a senior. My friend who is a senior citizen told me she and her husband went and was lucky enough to get a package of toilet paper. She said as she was walking back out to her car, she was actually scared. People were staring at her carrying the toilet paper. Wow.

Can you imagine the money these grocery stores are making? They’ve never encountered total sell outs like this in our lifetime. I tell my son who went with me and saw the craziness that we’re living during a historic event right now. He’ll be able to tell his grandchildren someday about how all the shelves were bare during the time of Corona.

That’s what I’m calling it. In the time of Corona. Do you remember a book and then a movie called Love In The Time of Cholera? (with Javier Bardem) That’s where I’m getting it. I can’t help but be reminded of it during all of this. Of course this isn’t a romantic time, but the movie was.

In reality, this quarantine doesn’t change my life much. I’m a home body anyway plus my art studio is in my home so I normally would go out to get groceries or doctor’s appointments. The one thing I miss most though is going out for dinner on the weekend. I really miss Chinese food and Mexican food. Some restaurants are remaining open for carryout options and we’ll likely hit them up soon. As the virus hits this area harder though, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them shut down. I sure hope not.

How are you dealing with all of this? Has it hit your town yet? Do you know anyone that’s contracted the virus and if so, are they okay? I’d be so interested to know.

I’ll leave you with a joke. I’ve been killing it on Facebook with the jokes. I can’t believe they haven’t put me in Facebook Jail because some are pretty raunchy, but hilarious. Laughter is how I cope and the best medicine, I think.

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