Hi everyone! I’m joining in PPF again 🙂 Glad you could make it here. Today I’m sharing my first oil painting that I think is finished. I think. I fixed it from the first time I posted it – at least as best as I can now. (See the first jacked up one here) I’m loving the oils so far.

Have you tried oils? Or do you work in them often? I’d love any tips and/or advice you can offer 🙂 Make sure to visit all the Party Goers at Paint Party Friday. Woo Hoo!

Stay safe today all my peeps who are in the large area that is expecting strong storms today with tornadoes (which includes me – YIKES!) Unfortunately, some of my near by areas was hit by the Leap Day tornadoes where people’s lives were lost. My prayers are with the people suffering through devastation right now. They are in the storms path again. Harrisburg, Illinois is just 54 miles from me and they were hit hard with a F4 tornado and Newburgh, Indiana which is about 37 miles away got hit with an F1. Thankfully no lives were lost there. I have many friends living there. Keep an eye on the sky.

Have a great weekend.
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