I’m starting off the year with the first art exhibit at a local library in Mount Vernon, Indiana. I’ve got the month of January, and my art is installed on the walls now. Does that make me Miss January? ha ha… hardly. The lighting is pretty nice in the hall when it’s bright out. The sun was a little dodgy when I took these photos, but I still get a kick out of seeing my art on the walls.

my bio sheet hanging next to my paintings

I get to hang a bio sheet next to my paintings and I’m allowed to include cards beside each painting that have the title, media, size and price. Maybe I’ll sell a few or maybe I’ll just bring a smile to someone’s face as they walk into the library.

art running down the walls

Isn’t this a nice space? I felt like my paintings were a little dinky in such a vast space but the color in my paintings doesn’t let the person walking by ignore them!

paintings on wall

I think it’s a great thing that the library supports local artists by letting them exhibit their work in the lovely halls. The wall tiles are volcanic tiles, aren’t they pretty? I thought they made a nice backdrop for my art.

If you’re in the area and would like to see the art exhibit in person, please make your way to the library by the end of January.

Alexandrian Public Library
115 West Fifth Street
Mount Vernon, IN 47620
(812) 838.3286

Here is a Google map of it, just click here.

If you’re thinking to yourself, hmmmm… this looks familiar… it is! I had an art exhibit there in December of 2012, but with different paintings of course. Here’s a photo from that…


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