Can you believe the size of my top lip? Today while watering my flowers I felt a bug land on me and the next thing I know I pulling a knat from my mouth. I didn’t think anything about it because they are out in hoards right now buzzing and trying to get in your eyes and mouth and nose. But then I pulled another bug from my mouth and this time I felt a sting. This little bug was smaller than a sesame seed and was black and looked like a tiny little seed. I continued watering and felt it stinging but not anything that would warrant me actually stopping what I was doing to go check. Finally I felt a little pill size puffiness and went to look in the car door mirror. Great. It had swollen some so I went inside to get the Vick’s vapor rub, which is fantastic for ANY STING of any kind, takes the hurt right out immediately. I dabbed a little on and went back out to continue watering. About 5 minutes later I noticed that I could see my lip in my peripheral vision! I looked in the car door mirror again and gasped! This is what it turned into!!Β 
I put up with it for a couple hours hoping it would go down. Nope. So I took some children’s benedryl which is nasty by the way, blech. It is still swollen but by about half now 5 hours later. Β I think I can safely say now, I don’t believe I would look that good with those lip injections.
I’m a bug magnet.
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