Foggy morning, foggy thoughts. I feel like I’m still shaking off the remnants of 2012 like shaking off the cold. The weather has been drastically different than last year which really couldn’t even have been considered a winter and I am jonzin’ for spring in the worst way. Greener pastures sound wonderful.

I have been thinking of the accomplishments I had in 2012 and I’m making plans for 2013. I’ve been working daily on a children’s book that I’m doing the illustrations for in the form of cartoons and I’m ready to get back into my painting. I tend to have a short attention span for projects even ones that I enjoy.

I feel like reflecting on some paintings from 2012 and so I will post some of my favorites and why in the next few posts. I hope you join me.

What are you reflecting on from 2012?

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