all four panels together

I’ve got a new four panel painting in the works. This painting is still a work in progress but it has turned out nothing like what I had in mind when I picked up my brushes. That’s the way it usually goes, especially if I just paint from my mind and not any kind of reference photo.

At first I had thought of having four separate panels but then they started to just morph into one only on four panels. So who am I to challenge my muse… I went with it. I’m really starting to develop my more loose style which I am happy about. I think painting from my imagination is lending a hand with that. What ever it is, I like it.

They could still work as four separate panels as more abstract works, but I kinda like the four together, what do you think? Here’s the single panels so far:

top left panel top right panel bottom right panel bottom left panel

The last week has been a digital nightmare. My website went screwy and wasn’t loading so if you were visiting and it wouldn’t load, I apologize. I think I have those kinks worked out after way too many hours in front of the computer and not the easel. Then my computer gave me the dreaded message that my scratch disk is full and couldn’t complete the task I was working on. That ultimately means that I have filled up my hard drive and have to start taking stuff off to make room for new. I always hate this, but it eventually always happens with each computer. You think you have bought a large enough drive with plenty of space but with technology now and all the photos I take, the files are getting larger and more plentiful. So I am in back up mode hoping my back ups will be viable someday in the future if I ever need them. You never know ten years from now if cd or dvd’s will even be in use.

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