Happy Humpday! As you may know, I’m switching to WordPress very soon. I’m almost there, I hope you will come visit me when I announce my grand opening. It will contain my blog and my website all in one. 

Did you know WordPress is FREE? There are also two versions. One .org and one .com. The .org one is if you already own your own domain name, like I do. It doesn’t cost anything to move your site over to WordPress to create and manage your site all on there with their many FREE, customizable and beautiful themes. It has a great, easy to understand interface. The .com one is for blogging only. Again, it’s FREE and easy to use. The features are so much better than Blogger in my opinion. But I’ve enjoyed using Blogger these past years, so I’m not knocking it. This is just a natural transition for me to help build my art business.

If you are interested in WordPress yourself or just would like more information about what all WordPress can do (It is a very powerful and versatile program), there are currently FREE video lessons going on right now at Lynda.com from WordPress expert Morten Rand-Hendriksen here.  You don’t have to sign up, get a user account or even leave your e-mail for this FREE lesson. Just click from the beginning and watch to learn. 

Hurry though, because the FREE lessons are only up until 8/24/12. It contains 6+ hours of very valuable content. It is broke up into chapters and range from 3 minutes to 24 minutes each and you can watch the last one first if you choose or pick any to watch. Very easy to understand. 

I’ve used Lynda.com before. It is a great way to learn about programs and other stuff all online. If I hadn’t been told about this FREE lesson (thanks Barbara!), had I found it, I would’ve paid for it, it’s that good. I am learning so much.

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