It is Friday and I am feeling fine. Look at my great buy this week, a whole bunch of paint! A friend must be cleaning out, not sure why she was getting rid of all that paint but I’m not gonna question a good deal. Blick-acrylic-paints Blick-acrylic-paints2 I’ve just downloaded WordPress app for my tablet and I’m trying to figure out the way it works and getting the kinks out. So I may have just published this post without it being finished. :/ but that is alright, I’ll figure it out. Like I said, I’m feeling fine… Sitting here outside with my boy, dog and cat sipping tea and listening to Bob Marley.
Got a minute? Come take a look at what is going on at my place these days…Here is Thunder the jungle cat wondering why I’m down here and he is up there. He really is my cry baby, he cries all the time looking for me or the dog.Thunder-Cat-looking-down-from-deck
Kissy face bumble beesBumble-bees-kissing-on-a-coneflower conflowers-upclose
Aren’t these gorgeous? I love pops of orange in my garden. I have a lot of it as little punctuations here and there. orange-daylilyAnd then there is red. Oh how I love red. I wish these bloomed all the summer long. Really I love all the bright colors and think they work well together. It’s like painting a garden when I choose what to put in. red-daylily Just look at this ginormous waterlily! This year it got huge. I know I talk about it a lot, but I get so much enjoyment looking at my pond and watching the koi. Even though I don’t know if we’ll ever finish that project. Eventually. waterlily-on-koi-pond
here’s my sweet girl. Zoey is the best furry baby of the k9 variety I’ve ever had, isn’t she pretty?
So how is it looking at your place lately?


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