Well it’s Friday and the frenzy is on! I have one week, ONE WEEK! to have everything ready for our show next Saturday and I am no where ready. I haven’t been in a show since last spring, before we found out Mom had cancer so I am pretty nervous. Will I even remember how to assemble my elaborate display my husband made for me???? My partner just spews her poems like they are nothing and I struggle to keep up with her… I don’t think I can and I’m just trying to do the best I can. She is so hilarious, yesterday she left me a voicemail while driving (Oprah would kill us) and as she was driving inspiration hit her so she called me to record the writing in case she forgot it before she could write it down. I just have to worry about keeping my end of the bargain up. There are not enough hours in the day! I’ve also been getting show applications sent to me for this years coming shows and have excitement and anxiety just thinking about how I will be received all over again. Oy.

So here is another creation of ours. My dad, who is an artist too, thinks the typeface is too hard to read. Any one else think that? I am using the pretty typeface as part of the design as well, but I do want it to be readable.
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