This evening is a trio of cool celestial things happening. A penumbral lunar eclipse, a full leo moon and a fly by comet! This full moon is called the snow moon. Native Americans named the full moons according to the seasons. The snow moon occurs in February, when the heaviest snows fall, making hunting difficult. Some tribes called it the “hunger” moon.

Full leo moon through trees

The full leo moon taken from my deck

According to my local news channel 14, “A penumbral lunar eclipse happens when the moon moves into the outer edge of the Earth’s shadow, which is called the penumbra. It’s less striking than the unmistakable total eclipse, when the entire moon is swallowed in the “umbra,” Earth’s interior shadow.”

Also, 45P, a comet discovered 70 years ago, will fly by un-noticed here at my house around 3 am. I’m planning on being in dreamland by then. But I’m sure there will be some comet fan taking photos so I can probably see it later.

A full moon is not only great for taking cool spooky photos, it’s great to cleanse your crystals. This leo moon is a fire sign so maybe it’ll get them good and hot… haha.

Crystals and stones getting cleansed with the full leo moon

Some of my crystals and stones getting cleansed with the full leo moon

While sitting on the couch watching my favorite paranormal shows, which is my favorite thing to do on Friday nights, I surprisingly remembered to get out some of my stones and crystals to cleanse them with the full moon. This cleansing ritual is more of setting powerful intentions into them. I have a variety of them up there such as snowflake obsidian, amethyst, tigers eye, rose quartz, sodalite, selenite and a couple I can’t remember the names of.

I love my bracelet that has lots of different stones on them. More bang for your buck you might say, haha.

Usually full moons make it incredibly hard for me to sleep and stay asleep. It also affects my son, Asher, who is a little Pisces. I have several moon paintings that I’ve painted. Here’s one called Aquarius Moon.

Here’s one I haven’t shown yet called Moonlight Pixeling. I’ve got it listed in my shop, here.

abstract moon and moonlight shining on water

Were you able to see the full leo moon? Or do you have any stones or crystals that you like to have around you?

paintings by Jaime Haney

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