We have had rain since I don’t know when. People all around us are getting evacuated and lots of water is moving in. They are having to let water out of a dam in our news viewing area and it’s going to affect so many people in the mandatory evacuation. Tornadoes and hail, it’s been a rough spring so far. It’s still rumblin’ thunder here but the weather man has promised a break even if it’s short lived. Good through Saturday and then it’s on again come Sunday. I wish the rain would save up a little for when we need it come July and August!

The lake has almost reached to top of our levee here. That white thing floating out there is the back to the paddle boat. There is another pond out of view that overfills and then drains into ours making it fill up even faster. The paddle boat is resting on the dock. The spirea bush is drowning! and the jon boat nearly sank but the hubby saved it. My basement is sloshy and my husbands shop is full of rain water. Of course you know how men are, he went to fix how the water getting in (the gutters couldn’t handle the amount of rain we were getting) and he broke the gutter while digging a trench. Another trip to the Home Depot, jeesh… cha ching $$

One good thing about all the rain as my son says… it makes mud!

I had to share these hilarious pictures I took during a break from the rain yesterday. He’s like a little mud sprite! haha… those socks and underwear will never be the same.

I hope you’re all safe from the storms.

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