This past Sunday, I gave up going to a art and craft show to please my husband and son and go to a Demolition Derby. I’ve never gone to one and didn’t really understand why people want to take these cars that run and crash them into each other, but I went anyway. Well, my 3 year old Asher was so excited that I thought he would pee in his newly potty trained pants when we got there. The sounds of the motors and the smells of the cars as we walked past the “pit” to get in. We were late and had to park a football field away it seemed. This was the last event for Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, Indiana and it was crowded. As we walked past the cars and people getting in line and working on the their derby cars last minute I looked at the bright colors they had painted on them. There was artwork on every car and every car was different. Granted some had a few lewd remarks, but clever, still. I was still seeing art to my surprise and thrill. A little different than what would be at an art and crafts show, but art none the less. It opened up new ideas in my head to create when the time shown itself to be available. I actually enjoyed myself and got into it screaming with gusto and laughter hit after hit. I now understand the fun of it and will go again next year, but I still don’t understand these guys pouring all this hard work and sweat into a car only to crash it into another, but I kinda liked watching it 😉

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