Today I took Asher up to paint in my studio for the very first time. He was so excited to sit up there with me to work and he squealed with joy. First, I let him get used to the space and table with crayons and paper and just to see if he would lose interest. But he stayed fairly interested, when he did want to get down and start going through my stuff I had to divert his attention while I try to get a little something done myself. I looked everywhere for a cheap set of watercolors in the little ovals and couldn’t find one, so I thought how much of a mess could some acrylics be. I started off with giving him an old brush and red, yellow and blue and a couple of directions and off he went! I was pretty impressed for his first time of painting. Look at his form! haha… maybe I have a little Rembrandt in the making here.
He had great fun and now in the future maybe I can get in my studio before 11pm to create some stuff of my own.

Up at the top is what I got done today. I call it “Lovers”. I’ve been in the Valentine’s Day mood lately and came up with this little ACEO. It’s done with watercolor pencils and ink. I think I’ll post it on Etsy when I have a handful of Valentine projects to post at once. I like it when I see other artists post their work in progress, so I did it too.

We got the most beautiful snow today in the form of a “clipper”. Giant, fluffy snowflakes falling straight down then turning to a fine snow rather quickly. It didn’t last for long, but it was a sight to see for the 30 or so minutes it lasted. This is a view from my kitchen. The roof you see is my greenhouse and further out is our lake. You can see the empty bird feeder on the Black Walnut tree waiting for more seed. Those birds have been hungry this week and looking in my windows as if to say, “Hey lady! Get out here and feed us!”

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