This past Saturday was Funk in the City art festival in Downtown Evansville. I had a pretty good show, there was a great turnout and a beautiful day. I got a little hot mid-day, being sandwiched in-between two brick buildings when the sun came overhead, but I think the great weather brought the people out. Live music in the background, good food, people laughing and people buying fabulous art from all these great artists! It was a good day!

Below are some photos that I had to hurry to get because I was busy talking with collectors and hopefully soon to be collectors! This was my view, I wasn’t on the main walkway, but I think most people still came down my way to see the 10+ booths that were on this little esplanade.Funk-in-the-City-Fall-2014-3 Funk-in-the-City-Fall-2014-4 Funk-in-the-City-Fall-2014-6 Funk-in-the-City-Fall-2014-7 Funk-in-the-City-Fall-2014-9 Funk-in-the-City-Fall-2014-10

And here are a few I took of my booth. I am still tweaking the looks. I hope to buy more display panels before too long. I need to work on my table cloths from the looks of this and get some more signs. I did make a banner before the show, but it is just a temporary one until I have my pretty one printed by the sign people.Jaime-Haney-art-booth-at-Funk-in-the-City-Fall-2014-1 Jaime-Haney-Art-Booth-Funk-in-the-City-Fall-2014-8 Jaime-Haney-Artist-Paintings-Funk-in-the-City-Fall-2014-2I met some new friends, chatted with some old ones, sold some art, made great connections and I think I even might get an exhibit with a few other artists at a new gallery that I’m excited about called 22 Jefferson Art Studios. Plus I think I sweated a pound or two off, ha ha.

All in all I had a good show and I plan to return if they’ll have me. There is also a spring show, but I’m always afraid it will rain. I may try it next year though.

sold painting titled Autumn Bouquet

Autumn Bouquet – SOLD!

I did sell the original “Autumn Bouquet” to a fun lady. She plans on hanging it in her sun room. I asked her to send me a picture when she gets it situated. I hope she remembers, I’ll post it here. I just love the interesting people I meet at shows, it seems I hit it off with everyone.

I also finished this pretty little flower pot on Friday and posted it on Facebook announcing I would have it at Funk in the City and it sold right away, so I didn’t have to even pack it!

Black eyed Susans flower pot that sold

Black Eyed Susans Flower Pot – SOLD!

I sold lots of prints and note cards as well as two of my favorite little art blocks to brighten up a small space or corner (see below). The lady that bought them (she was a hoot!) told me she planned to attach them to her wall for something different. I never thought of that! What a clever idea. I love it! I can see a little gang of them on a wall. I may have to borrow her idea.

Lotus hand carved stamp mono-print on blue-green and yellow block of wood

Lotus Art Block – SOLD!

Colorful art block with real leaf stamped  in design

Gold Leaf monoprint Art Block – SOLD!

I’ve been in a mad rush for the show and getting in my gardening still here and there. What have you been up to? Enjoying these last days of September, I hope.

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