Jaime Haney in her booth at Funk in the City

Funk in the City was this past Saturday and man was it a hot one! Usually, you expect a fall show to start off comfortable or even cool and then by afternoon heat up, but not this time. I was sweating from the get go and so was everyone else. The humidity was crazy and it got up to about 90˚ F.

Good news though, the heat didn’t keep the crowds away! They all fanned themselves and braved the weather the same as us. All in all it was a good show. Nice crowds, a breeze that made it tolerable and friends all around.

I painted some Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls last week for the show, so that along with a few paintings and a few prints were new for this year.

Dia de los Muertos sugar skull masks

Dia de los Muertos anyone?

The masks are paper mache and were a lot of fun to paint. The one on the left has a card theme… like a deck of cards… there are hearts, diamond, clubs and spades painted on along with a a snazzy gold tooth. Purple is the stand out color along with gold, black and a touch of red on the chin. There’s also a butterfly on the forehead.

The one on the right is a little more traditionally themed but with my twist. A rose on the forehead and chin, a cross and some spider webbing on the jaws in turquoise, red and gold. I’ll be adding these to my shop, since they didn’t find their forever home at Funk in the City.

I snapped these photos of all the booths about 15 minutes before we opened to the public. I usually am by myself at these art festivals, so I never get a chance to walk around. This wasn’t all the booths, they went down side streets and more.

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Funk in the City is probably the largest outside art festival for Evansville. If you weren’t able to make it, they have one in the spring and fall each year. I don’t do the spring one because the weather is to iffy. Outside shows can ruin your art and with that your income so I am very selective these days when I decide to do an outside show.

To keep up do date with my upcoming shows and exhibits, see my Events page.

Happy Fall!

paintings by New Harmony, Indiana artist Jaime Haney

some of my paintings

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