me painting a booth wallI’ve got an art show this weekend in New Harmony called Art in Harmony and it’s running Saturday 9-4 and Sunday 12-4. I’ve been painting my work but up until this past weekend I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do for my booth. I knew I didn’t want just a table like at the Christmas show.

I made the decision to make a display wall by hinging three interior doors together. It will stand accordion style (I hope!). The show is inside so there won’t be any winds to blow it down (*bleh* been there, done that). So here I am today painting one of the doors in the sun. What a glorious day we had today. With the exception of the occasional kamikaze bug that flew into the wet paint, the booth went to together pretty easy thanks to my hubby actually putting it together. I forgot to snap a picture of it standing in all its glory. Tomorrow. It’s pretty impressive being 80″ tall and each panel is 36″ wide. Since they don’t come apart, I’m a little concerned how my 62″ is going to carry this.

Oh, I forgot to mention my birthday was yesterday. Another *bleh*. Oh well, no matter. I don’t even care anymore. Good news is I did manage to weasel my way into getting my husband and son to pose for family pictures! That and I got a ribeye steak, sweet potato, salad AND a banana ice cream with hot fudge sundae. So it was a good day, strike that. It was a GREAT day. Show ya later.



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