photographing art in a greenhouse

So I’ve been uber busy this last week. I’ve got a local show this weekend called Christmas in New Harmony. If you’re looking for an Old Fashioned Christmas experience weekend, this is the place to be. Read on 🙂

New Harmony is a serene and quaint little town and I’ve talked about it before. It offers visitors a cultural, artistic and shopping experience worthy of towns many times our size. With Normal Rockwell charm, there will FREE horse drawn carriage rides, a Christmas Parade, Breakfast and Photo with Santa, Artisan Market, Shopping/Open Houses  Children Nutcracker Ballet, Craft Show, Sweet Shop and Live Music. The town will be all decked out. I hope to get photos to share this year. There are inns to stay at if you are interested then see for more information.

About the photo above, I sometimes photograph my art in my greenhouse which is attached to my art studio. How’s that for a view? I love plants and it gives great filtered light unless the sun is just right. I just discovered I’ve got a little mouse living in there. I can’t bare to put out a trap and have considered giving it some seed. He is a cute little thing and I’ve been trying to get a picture of him. He can climb! I never knew how agile they were. Mocee, the studio cat, hasn’t noticed him yet. I keep the door to the greenhouse closed. I’ll update you more about my little house mouse.

Here are some of the new things I’ve been working on for the show. I call them miniatures. Tiny little canvases only 2×2 inches and some are 2×3.5. I’ve got more ideas up my sleeves, too.

Miniatures in progress

I also wanted to share my Thanksgiving with you. I had my family over and I cooked. Everything turned out really great and delicious with the exception of some yeast rolls that I had bought as frozen dough. I had forgotten to get them out to rise. So about 30 minutes before dinner was ready, I get these frozen rolls out and read the directions. Crap. Oh well, luckily I had some Pillsbury Croissants and they saved the day. Pumpkin pie, cherry cheescake, big juicy turkey, home grown green beans and corn, candied yams, cheesy potatoes, cranberry sauce and stuffing oh my! Notice I list the dessert first 😉 I got priorities… haha

I hope that you had a wonderful holiday and if you are in a part of the world that doesn’t celebrate it, well I hope you had a good day. I’d love to hear how your holiday went. Did you get any fantastic Black Friday Deals?

Thanksgiving 2012 at my house

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