I’m so happy to report after just one week, GeeJayCreations made our first sale. It is a lovely wedding montage with the most beautiful poem called “When I Say I Do”. The buyer opted for a white mat which looks stunning. It comes with a white or a black mat and the picture here with the frame is just to show how it would look in a simple matte gold frame.

We are not offering anything for sale in a frame on Etsy but we do at our shows. Does anyone sell work that is framed with success on Etsy? I’d be interested to know your thoughts on it.
Does anyone know if you re-list an item on Etsy (like the one we just sold) does it show up on “recently listed” items again? I didn’t see mine and it is totally buried in the main section I put it in (weddings). Doesn’t it put you back up towards the top again if you re-list? I looked all the way down to page 15 and couldn’t find it. What’s up with that? I guess the wedding category is really crowded this time of year.
Anyway, celebrate with Gale and I, we are doing the “Happy Dance”!!
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