red and pink bi-color geranium

This beautiful bi-color geranium is reverting back to it’s original stock. See the photo below? This is how the breeders meant for it to look. Doesn’t matter to me, I think they are both beautiful and bring joy to my Friday which by the way is Day 4 of 30 days of life.
stippled pink and red geranium Geraniums grow great in a greenhouse. I’ve kept my geraniums for years this way and while they do get gangly looking, I can’t bare to toss them out until they finally die which inevitably happens.

Here’s an update on my current painting, Tropical Getaway, a jungle landscape of the Jim Thompson House museum in Bangkok. I’m getting to the tweaking part. I hope the next picture of it that I share with you will be the finished painting. I’m already thinking of my next painting. Have a great day… it’s FRIDAY!

UPDATE: Click here to purchase a print of the now finished “Tropical Getaway”.My painting of Jim Thompson House in Bangkok Work in progress

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