Yikes! What was that?!
Alright, so I know I’m not the only scary movie lover here and some of you may know this about me, that I love all things scary… but… I have managed to spook myself lately. I’m talking about the look in the closets with a flashlight if you could but you can’t cause you’re too scared spooked. The kinda spooked where you hurry up and get in bed and cover up even your head kinda spooked! It started with last weekend on date night with the hubby and we went to see my pick.. Insidious. Great movie by the way… a real jumper. If you don’t jump throughout the whole thing then go straight to the hospital because you may not have a pulse. 
I thought of it to be a different take on Poltergeist, which is one of my all time favorites. I love paranormal scary, not chop em up gory movies. So anyway, fast forward to the other night and I’m watching some of my fun stuff that I have to wait til after Asher’s in bed for. I record anything scary that I know of. It just so happened that a couple of the shows I like are airing new episodes so I was excited. Now normally, My Ghost Story on the Bio channel may give you a shiver or two, but this last episode freaked me out and I cannot get it out of my mind. The link takes you to where you can watch full episodes, but they are from last season I think. The episode I’m talking about isn’t on there.
So this episode starts with a woman living alone and I can’t remember the reason why she starts recording herself sleeping, but she does and what she finds on her recording blows my mind. Something shows up on camera that looks like a cross between a cat and a monkey only very blurry jumping up on her bed near her head and disappearing under her covers! It also shows something walking across her bed, just the footsteps, not anything making the footsteps! I cannot believe I haven’t seen this covered more somewhere else or someone trying to de-bunk it. You guys have got to see this clip, I’ll keep looking for it.

UPDATE: I found the clip, go here: Creepy Sleep

It scared the bejezzus outta me. Of course, I go to sleep by myself since my husband is at work when I finally crash. I won’t say what shift he’s working so hopefully as to not be killed. I’ve even thought of sleeping with Asher! haha now that is bad. So now, I’m hearing things I’ve never noticed before and seeing things out of the corner of my eyes and general spooky stuff. I’ve always had a feeling of being watched as I sit on my couch from the stairs. I don’t know what it is but very often I am looking that way. I sometimes try to ignore something that I think is trying to get my attention. You all will think I’m crazy, but I think my house is haunted at times. After watching that episode, I went into my bedroom to go to sleep and a light on our digital thermostat came on by itself as I walked by it! Just so you know, this is not normal and it does not do that even when it is kicking on.  I used to use my cat as a gauge but now she is so old and deaf she can’t hear me call her name! Poor Glove. So I am left to my own devices. And hey, I just thought of something, Glove used to always sleep with me up until about 2 weeks ago and now she won’t come in my room… hmmmm. As you can tell, I get a little carried away.
Speaking of devices, my girlfriend and I were talking about buying a digital recorder because we are going to do a tour of the Waverly Hills Sanitorium in July! We tried to get a 4 hour tour on Good Friday but they are all booked up. So we have to do a 8 hour tour in July! 8 hours! I’m not so sure about 8 hours, but it’s better than waiting til next year. I will keep you all updated with that… ooooooooo! haha  I’m excited! and a little spooked 😉
Tell me your spooky stories!! Or blog about one and let me know so I can go read it! Or if you know of a Bed and Breakfast that offers haunted stays, I’d love to know of them. More on spooky stuff that’s happened to me later. (There’s actually quite a bit!)
Have a spooky night!

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