I don’t like losing my people. In fact, I am perfectly sick of it. Four funerals in three years is too many. While we knew this day was inevitable, it doesn’t make it any easier. But… life goes on all around you whether you want it to or not. So I’m back to the business of life after a sad week full of days last week. Grandma died on Tuesday and we laid her to rest Friday.

My grandma, Elma, was a great lady. (That’s her in the picture above.) She was sharp as a tack. That is until the Alzheimer’s took over. What a cruel disease it is, slowly taking your loved one away while their person is still there. She actually left us a while back, but it was still hard because her body was still with us along with sporadic days of foggy clarity. Those days became soupier and soupier, dense with confusion and then ultimately unresponsiveness during the last week. She would have been 97 in July. Isn’t that amazing?

I am however so grateful I was blessed to have her in my life for so long. Every week I would do her hair and we would have our time together, laugh and she would share her stories from the past with me. I have those memories bubbling up a lot lately. Good and happy memories.

She was an only child to two teachers and her mother died when she was only 2 years old of the Spanish flu in 1919. Her father left her to be raised by her grandmother, another teacher, and raised her well. She was a college graduate which was really something for a woman of her time. She worked as a stenographer for many years and eventually for the FBI along with my grandfather who was a special agent. She was incredibly artistic and always had a hobby. It was fun to hear all the interesting stories of a by-gone era. Now, I’ll just have to remember them.

Below are a few pictures from the funeral on Friday. The second one below is of me and my dad. My grandma was his mother and he was the baby. She had two sons and unfortunately we attended his funeral last August. She is buried by him and my grandfather now.
Bridgeport City Cemetary Gate Dad-and-I-at-Grandmas-grave

The ribbon below are of two names, the first Grandma and the second is upside down but is GG which is what my son called her. Pink was always her favorite color. I think she would have approved of the pink roses and is already missed.

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