Posey county News Clipping of Jaime Haney holding painting

Talk about being at the right place at the right time… Getting press sometimes is all about luck and timing. I’ve had both on my side these last couple weeks.

First, I stopped in to see a local exhibition that I had a piece in at Alexandrian Public Library on the day that I was supposed to do a show but I cancelled due to the weather. (Funk in the City) That day, I was feeling duped by the weather app I use because it warned of nearly 100% chance of horrible storms only to fizzle and be beautiful. I hated canceling mostly because when I tell people I’m going to do something I honestly try my very best to do it. It’s just the way I was brought up. The people in this case being my collectors and supporters I send invitations to and also the people putting on the show.

I walked into an almost empty room with all the art nicely displayed on easels and tables. The director of the show, Stan Campbell and his sweet wife Jo sitting at the check in table and a young looking guy standing there talking to them.

I walk around admiring the work of all the different artists while trying not to eavesdrop… haha But lucky for me, it turns out the young guy is a reporter for the local paper The Posey County News. He was doing a bit about the exhibition because it was all Posey county folks as the artists.

With no one else being there, I got to pose with my painting for a picture for the paper. I have to say, it kinda made my day. The reporter’s name is Zach Straw and I have to thank him for taking a pretty decent photo of me! I usually end up looking like a short little troll in most photos that other people take because the angle (I’m only 5’1″) but I was pleasantly surprised when my friend gave me this clipping.

I’m not sure if the ink absorbing into the paper did it or maybe the photo got squished, but I swear I look about 10 pounds lighter! I could kiss him! haha!

But then we have this…

cover of Westside, an insert from the Evansville Courier and Press newspaper

My next press came from the Evansville Courier and Press newspaper’s Westside circular insert. I got lucky here and got the cover! Unfortunately for me, in this photo, I do look like the normal short little troll… and fat… and frumpy. Not my best angle, meh. But I also got another photo though that made up for it inside the circular plus a little bit in the article about me so I guess I’m okay with the bad photo. Too bad they spelled my name wrong :/

inside article of Westside, an insert from the Evansville Courier and Press newspaper

Well you can’t win them all. But all in all I’m real happy with all the publicity. The nice young man who took the photos and did the interviewing for The Courier is Michael Doyle. If you two get around to seeing this, thank you Michael & Zach!

Being in the public’s eye and getting press is a lucky break for any artist and I’m thrilled to have gotten publicity for two weeks in a row. I can’t believe it, but I forgot to blog about some local publicity in a fancy magazine last year. It was from Evansville Living (a city magazine) from last September/October 2014 issue. I was looking to link it on this page and discovered I never wrote it! I’ll be fixing that asap. I don’t mind tooting my own horn every once and a while, but I just love it when it gets tooted for me!

Oh and I almost forgot one… an interview with friend and organization guru Dianna Ranger of Organized Creativity.

So, if you’re a writer looking for something to write about… ahem… I’m available!!

The paintings shown above are Tropical Getaway and Water for Elephant. Prints available!

How Tropical Getaway might look framed in a simple contemporary black frame

Tropical Getaway matted print

Water for Elephant matted print

Water for Elephant matted print

If you’re new to my blog and website have a look at my ‘About’ page in the menu at the top. I’m an artist – a painter mostly. I paint a variety of subjects including cranes, ravens and crows, flowers as well as anything having to do with nature especially trees and tropical scenes. If you’re interested in my art, I have a newsletter mailed about once a month that gives you special status for invitations, birthday greeting and more. Sign up here for it.

paintings by Jaime Haney of New Harmony, Indiana

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