I’m so happy to report that a giveaway that I had quite a while back that I called Sisterhood of the Traveling Book is making it’s way to another creative spirit and she’s again a Creative Sistah no less! Don’t get it confused with the Sisterhood of the Traveling Sketchbooks. I liked the name so much I named my next project after it with a slight twist. (Read the original idea here)

So it first went to T over at Poppy Place and then it went to Jennifer at Jewelry By J.P. (A Creative Sistah) and she’s just announced on her blog that it is now going to Kim the Queen of Arts! This is exciting for me to see something I came up with actually benefiting others and being enjoyed.

To see the list of people that the book will eventually make it’s way to go here. In the end, after everyone has had a chance to read the book I’m hoping the last person will have a giveaway themselves and keep it going. I will be adding a post about who has the book as I get word. Check back soon! 🙂  Enjoy the book Kim!
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