Today marks another year gone by. Can you believe it? I’ve been thinking of things that I want to do or change for my life and self in 2011 much like New Year’s Resolutions but not so rigid. Of course lose weight is in there… ugh. But more importantly I’m still trying to figure out just who I am. Still at 40, ha ha… Who am I? Who am I as a mother? Who am I as a woman, wife, daughter? Who am I as a friend? Who am I as an artist?

I intend to explore the last one in great detail this new year. I feel I am at a crossroads with my artwork. I am not satisfied with much of what I’ve created and feel I haven’t really been creating from my heart. What I really want to create. It is easy to get caught up in trying to guess what will be well received and therefore purchased and all the while lose what it was I was trying to convey with my art and get out what I was truly feeling when I started to create it.

Maybe fear has been interfering with the process as well. Fear of letting someone down with what might come out on paper or canvas. My fear that I’m not good enough, which I’m sure plagues lots of us. Fear of just getting it started and a big one for me, fear of it not turning out as I envision it and letting myself down.

A creative opportunity has presented itself to me as of late and I’m waiting to find out more but I have high hopes and it has renewed my creative spirit which is great even if this opportunity doesn’t pan out.

I really enjoy keeping up my blog with tidbits from my life and art and I love it that you peek in and occasionally comment. I so enjoy reading about my online friends too and find great inspiration from all of you. May this new year be the greatest year of our lives so far!

Oh and quickly, one of my greeting cards with my photography has been included in a pretty Collection on Artfire. I also have this card in my GeeJayCreations Etsy shop.

An Artfire Collection

Be safe my friends. Let us not forget the past, but look brightly towards the future. Happy New Year!

“This Artists Observations of the Day”
Feeling of the day: Happy and looking forward to a new year!
I’m lovin’: getting some snacks ready for a party tonight with good friends
My view: my son watching cartoons
I thought about today: my mom and how her life shaped mine
I miss: sharing talks with my mom

Best thing I did today: sleep until I woke up!

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