Goodbye 2020 and good riddance!

There I said it.

This is how I feel about it.

Jaime flipping 2020 off

Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Well I want to rant a bit about 2020 if you can’t already tell. Or maybe just celebrate 2021’s arrival, you pick.

Goodbye 2020 and hello 2021! Man, am I glad to see you. Even though we’re already 5 days in and nothing has really changed yet. There’s still doom and gloom from the media and winter has settled in for a while I guess. But somehow it just feels differently don’t you think? Dare I say it… more optimistic. At least in some aspects.

From my art business stance, 2020 wasn’t great for me. However, it wasn’t as bad as I would have thought as I’m in the process of crunching numbers right now. Sure the art shows were a total flop. There weren’t any! At least none of the ones I attend weren’t up and going. I was able to show my art in three instances, which I’m grateful for. But this year more than any, I’ve relied on social media to sell my art. Mainly my email list, Facebook and Instagram.

One good thing I will say is that my artist group got together more than we thought we could during the summer and early fall at least. 4 Artist Friends, as we affectionately call our group, is a group of artists that I met while at Lunch and Learns a few years ago. We hit it off and now we talk daily and meet as frequently as we can. This late fall and winter has been a no go though, ever since the ‘rona numbers went up around the beginning of the holidays. Thank God for Marco Polo. With the exception of one, we all see each other daily on that app. Sandy’s too busy gallivanting around all over to keep up with the multiple daily video calls we have for each other.

However, our get togethers have ceased as I mentioned. One family in particular are at higher risk, so until they either get the vaccine or numbers fall I don’t know when the parties will start again. I hope soon, I sure miss them.

The biggest disappointment for me I think was just the dismal feeling 2020 had. Of all the times to get things accomplished at home, 2020 was it right? But did I get stuff done? Nope. Not even a fraction. I can’t blame that on a year, that one falls directly on my lazy shoulders. Although, I don’t think lazy is the right word. Bleak and depressing perhaps. Not being able to see family and friends without worry of getting and/or giving the virus. 2020 played a big head game on me and a lot of us. Between the virus, the election, the social unrest it’s just been a sucky year.

And then we come down to the meat of it. All the lives lost. Right now the lives lost is just stunning… staggering I should say. Who would’ve thought in this day and age we would be hit by this plaque that would steal our loved ones and friends from us? I sure didn’t’ see that coming as I’m sure none of us did. My family has experienced loss (death) directly related to Covid. In fact, over Christmas we had the ‘rona. Thankfully, we made it through just fine but as I type this I know of friends that now have it and I wonder are they going to be okay?

For me, it was just a nuisance. I had a slight headache, stuffy nose and lost my sense of taste. My husband, who actually tested positive, had it a little worse with flu-like symptoms, fever and dry cough but it was over within about six or seven days and my son exhibited no signs at all. I tell you the worst thing was being quarantined. Just knowing you can’t go anywhere brings up the itch to go out! Luckily, I had good friends who brought groceries to my porch and even more that offered. Plus, we live out with no neighbors so I was able to get fresh air and walk.

14 days seemed to last forever. Actually, Daryl only had 10 days, but since I didn’t test but lived with him, I had to do 14. We had to cancel Christmas and I didn’t even put up a tree this year. I just wasn’t feeling it. Our quarantine was over in time for New Year’s Eve. Sadly though, our close friends who we’ve seen off and on this year and nearly every New Year’s Eve for the past twenty some odd years to play Euchre with had been exposed so she was quarantining herself from her husband. It was a mess… and sad.

Looking forward, I hope very soon the numbers will drop and life will return to some sort of normal. A normal without the damn masks. Right now, I’m planning a solo art exhibit in April and I hope the art shows return soon. 2021 has promise.

So Goodbye 2020 you can suck it.

Flipping 2020 off

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