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O.M.G. you have got to see this blog that I check on every now and then called Thrifty Decor Chick. I learned about her while watching a favorite design show… The Nate Bercus Show. She has got an “Organize It” party going on and all linky poo’d up or whatever that thing is called. I would love to add a linked up post, but you all know how organizationally challenged I am. I’ll be taking notes though and have read some great ideas! But I’ve seen lots of great ideas on Hoarders on A&E too, the trick apparently is to actually follow the idea through… who knew? It’s going on through Monday, 2/28/11, you should give it a looksey.

You should also join my giveaway I’m calling “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Book”!!  A quick run down… win a book, read it, doodle in it or write something in it, have your own giveaway with it, post about it including pics if possible = Fun!

addition: Ok, I’ve been looking at more and more of these linky poo’s over at Thrifty Decor Chick and these people are crazy obsessed! I mean if they had a peek into my house and the occasional picture of my messes I share I think I’d be stoned to death. Yep. There would be a lynch mob.

Can you believe how big these three are getting? Nothing is in focus because they are never still!
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Sharing is caring!

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