Okay, okay I knew that title would get your attention. What can I do? Times are hard and hits are low during the summer and this post really is about weeds. Just maybe not the kind you were thinking of. But yes, I’ve “Got Weed” as in the plural variety.

We got a late start on our garden this year, so the veggies are not where they are supposed to be at this time of year but let me tell you, the weeds aren’t having any problem! Also, the garden has invaders of the furry kind. Bunnies. Cute, furry, rats with puffy tails. Any gardener knows bunnies can be the bane of your existence. I had to replant my tomatoes 3 times! Little bastards.

Anyway, before I blow a gasket thinking about what all the bunnies have done I’ll get off the subject of their voracious little appetites. Let me tell you about all the rain we’ve gotten this spring and summer so far. Jeesh. I think I might need an arc. I hate to complain about the rain since we desperately need it to grow everything, but good grief. It hit us just right and we didn’t have the garden out yet, so I planted about a month behind schedule. I may not have tomatoes and peppers until September! thanks to those bucked tooth little beasts, they put me behind a couple weeks just themselves.
Zoey the dog laying next to the tomatoes
But now everything is grabbing hold and growing good. The rain keeps coming, which now is a good thing, but the weeds keep growing, too. Which leads to pulling weeds. Thankless job, let me tell ya. But it’s gotta be done. They will suck the life right out of everything, greedily eating all the nutrients and starving the good stuff. This year, I scaled back and just have tomatoes, corn, green beans, jalapeños  and peppers. But I’m missing my squash, so I may plant a couple mounds still.
 photo of a row of tomatoes in need of weeding
I was out in the garden weeding just my faithful companion Zoey and me when Asher found me and thought my solitude and wonderful peace and quiet must be interrupted. He came out to me and asked how long I would be out there. I motioned to all of this… See pic below and off he ran. I could hear the door slam to the house. I thought to myself saved! But then I heard the door slam again. Then I heard little feet running back and forth through the gravel. I figured out he was gathering things up. It was pretty cute to be honest. The garden is behind our buildings and garages so I couldn’t see him.
He returned with his bucket full of monster trucks. This kid has been a dirt kid all his life. He even has told me he wants to be an archeologist when he grows up. So in the gate he comes and sweetly asks “can I?” How could I turn that down, so of course I let him.
For all these little souls out here with me though, why am I the only one working? Ha ha… I guess the dog earned her keep though, she caught a mouse in the garden! Thunder, the jungle cat, was pretty worthless though. He must’ve thought it was kitty day or something. Or perhaps cleaning himself was all he could muster.
collage of garden pictures I took while weeding the garden
Oh wait, you have to take a closer look at my sweetie. See his trucks, track and little red bucket?
My son Asher in the half weeded garden
I’ve been pretty lazy so far this summer, but isn’t that what summers are for? But I haven’t painted in a while and im getting the itch. I hope you all are enjoying your summer. Or winter depending on your location 😉 catch ya later.
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some of my paintings
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