Have you been suffering along with all of us in south western Indiana with these dang Buffalo Knats? You know the ones that buzz around your face and eyes and try to fly up your nose and ears? I just got a tip from a farmer that farms the land around our property. He said mix 1:1 vanilla extract and water in a sprayer and spray yourself. He said he uses the artificial vanilla and you may have to spray yourself a couple times a hour, but he swears it works! 

This may however wreak havoc on any kind of diet I’m on, since I will walk around smelling like a cupcake.  I asked him if it attracted any other bugs, but he just laughed when I mentioned the cupcake thing.

Luckily those nasty little bastards have only a 3 week life span and they are pretty much gone here now, but I will definitely be using this trick next spring.
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