My empty greenhouse waiting for the return of green inhabitants

Well it’s that time again… Greenhouse Time! Time to get my plants in for a long winter season after vacationing outside in the warm and humid southern Indiana summer. Long for me. I love summer and just hate to see the warm weather leaving. I do have to say though that today is October 5th and I was putting plants in while in a tank top and shorts. It was 82˚ F and 76% humidity. Then some winds came through and it rained and rained. Cooled it down but the humidity went up to 97%. I couldn’t believe it, I thought to myself it should be raining in here with that kind of moisture!

My mom's old wrought iron shelf

This wrought iron bakers rack was my mother’s. She worked at a place called Mrs. Spurriers when I was young. It was a patio shop, they had all kinds of really cool outdoor furniture and fancy picnic gear. I was probably about 8. I remember her buying this. She probably worked for 2 weeks to pay for it, nothing in that shop was cheap. I’ve never seen another one like it and I just love it.

Fancy decorative gate

The fancy decorative metal gate with all it’s swirls and yummy rust was my mom’s, too. I love it, just like I love everything haha. I have plans for a fountain in that whiskey barrel and goldfish. I can’t wait to hear the trickle of the water. This greenhouse opens up to my art studio.

Red Hibiscus Double Flower

I had to include this beautiful red double flowered hibiscus. It surprised me, I wasn’t expecting to see the huge red flower since the plant isn’t doing all that well.

Below are a few pictures of the last time I’ll see my beautiful water plants in the koi pond. I climbed in there today (it was really slick!) and got that plant out. It will overwinter in the greenhouse, too. It’s a mixture of umbrella plants, cordyline  and pothos and who knows what else I threw in there. I’ve dragged these in and out last year too.

Feeding time:

koi fish swimming koi fish swimming Koi Fish Pond

loading the plants in

Please forgive how blurry these last two pictures are. I’m not sure what happened. Maybe it was the humidity combined with the low light, it was starting to get dark outside.

my own personal jungle

This last picture is almost all the plants in there. Looks like a jungle, huh? I love it. I have just a few more plants to get in but it was pouring outside and almost dark. I didn’t want to plunge into my koi pond by accident. It is very close by. Also, it has stormed all day and it was going for a big one when I finished up so being zapped by lightning is not my idea of a fun Saturday evening.

So, now that I’ve got my plants under control I’ll be back in painting mode. Of course I’ll take some better photos during the sunny days and share them cause if there’s one thing I like to share, it’s my plants. 🙂   Thanks for looking! Enjoy your weekend.

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