Every year months before Halloween, I start thinking about a costume for an annual Costume Party my friend Denise has. This is a highlight of my year I’m not embarrassed to admit. I love Halloween! I always have. And this year did not disappoint.

For the past two years, my friend Denise has paired up with a mutual friend Mary Beth for the annual costume party. Denise is a fabulous party planner, in fact she has a catering business and the decorations for the costume party are always top notch.

Denise makes a giant cauldron of her famous chili and I’m sure other yummies and we as guests bring a dish to share. I brought brownies this year. You just can’t go wrong with brownies, am I right?

A.C. Thomas House in New Harmony, Indiana decked out for Halloween.

Mary Beth and her husband Michael are the owners of a fabulous historical home in New Harmony called the A.C. Thomas House. It’s been restored and is more than just a little impressive. It’s also a bed and breakfast.

If you’re wanting to come hang out in New Harmony The A.C. Thomas House is a beautiful place to stay. So Mary Beth hosts the costume party at the house and Denise takes care of all the decor and planning. It’s a match made in heaven.

I consider myself so lucky to be on the invite list. It’s really a blast and I look forward to Denise’s parties every year.

Bride of Frankenstein!

Bride of Frankenstein homemade costume Bride of Frankenstein homemade costume Bride of Frankenstein

This year my costume of choice was Bride of Frankenstein. I think I pulled it off pretty well wouldn’t you say?

Even with the knowledge of this annual party, I still procrastinate.

Therefore, I was making my costume still on the day of the party. I was even late to the party because of costume issues. I had to rip my seams out and try again, then I had to hem it when I thought I was just going to let it go but the threads just kept pulling.

In other words, I needed help. Like another 3 or 4 hours to be exact.

Hair for Bride of Frankenstein

Okay, so part of the problem was I got side tracked by one of my favorite movies “The Lost Boys”. Instead of going upstairs to sew, I watched most of the show! But still, I’ve had all year to prepare. Yep, I suck.

As a result of my procrastination, I had a major flaw in my costume. I didn’t put my stitches on my face! As I was leaving I remembered them and by then it was too late.

Dang it! Oh well, it ended up fine and no one even noticed I was missing the stitches. I need to work on priorities. It’s a character flaw and I’m aware of it… lol.

Enough yappin. On with the photo show! I’ve got lots to share with you.

Halloween Costume Party

Halloween Jack O'Lantern

The food and decorations were awesome as usual.

creative food table for Halloween Costume Partycreative food table for Halloween Costume Party creative food table for Halloween Costume Party

Here’s my hostess… Barbie Girl!

Barbie costume

Denise, one of the hostesses.

Lots of Jack O’ Lanterns around.

Jack O'Lantern with sharp teeth

Literally a kiss from the devil!

Kiss of the Devil to Bride of Frankenstein

Kiss of the Devil!

A lot of mingling, eating and drinking was happening. Everyone was in a happy and festive mood!

1950's girl talking to Obi Wan Kenobi at a Halloween party

And of course dancing! Check out the Pajama Mama cutting a rug back there!costume party dancingPhotos were being taken left and right, what a fun time.

Barbie costume with Pop Art Girl and Surfer Shark attack victim

Jason, my friend below is a demon with a lot of horns all over his face and head! His shirt says “Keep Calm and give me Candy!”. I love it.

Demon and Bride of Frankenstein

Michael is the devil. I think he might actually be… hahah just kidding.Devil costume

Meanwhile, a sweet fairy was the costume for Mary Beth. This was getting pretty late in the evening… like midnight or so. She and Michael her husband (whom I didn’t get a photo of) are so very generous to open their home to all of us. There were a lot of people!

fairy costume

Mary, one of the hostesses.

It looks like this ghoul is in deep thought as the cowboy tells her some secrets, hahah.

ghoulish ghost girl

The Gorton’s Fisherman and a Ghostbuster.Gorton's Fisherman costume and Ghostbuster costume

Halloween Jack O'Lantern

You can’t tell from the photo very good, but this is Medusa. She had a great head piece full of snakes.Medusa costume

Check out the swinging babies! The place was decked out with all kinds of spookiness.mingling at a costume party

Mr. Rogers and a hand puppet.Mr. Rogers with a hand puppet Purple witch and 50's girl costumes

I had to ask who these next two were, but then as soon as I was told I recognized it. Raoul Duke below from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Raoul Duke costume from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Here’s both Gonzo and Raoul and a clay artist to the right.Gonzo-and-Raoul-Duke-costumes-at-2018-Halloween-Rapp-Party

Salt and Pepper… too cute.

Salt and Pepper costumes

Friends of mine, Shark Bite victim and surfer with his wife, a Pop Art Girl. (J.T. and Jamie) J.T. had made his surf board in like 15 minutes right before the party! Another procrastinator just like me, hahah!Pop Art Girl and Surfer Shark attack victim costume

The Classic Joker.The Joker classic costume

Friends… Vampira and Mad Surgeon!Mad Surgeon and a Vampire costume

So I thought this was too funny and a sign of the times. Checking into Facebook I’m assuming…

Witch on a phone

Gotta check Facebook!

Above all, I’ve had another great time dressing up. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the photos, I know I loved looking through them again. Not everyone’s photo was taken. Many were already leaving as I arrived.

Now Halloween is tomorrow and my son is finally dressing up and trick or treating again after a long 3 year or so hiatus! He’s going as a cow. I’m just thrilled he’s getting into it again.

Happy Halloween!

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