Pic of artist Jaime Haney and Mocee the cat

Today I have a special Halloween Interview given by my friend Theresa over at Faerie Moon Creations. How fitting for me since tonight is the Full Moon, it’s a Taurus Moon and I’m a Taurus. Tis meant to be.

So, if you would like to know a little more about me especially when it comes to my most favorite holiday of the year, Halloween, make a stop at Theresa’s blog which is Here.

Here’s a little bribe to sweeten the pot, I’m holding a give away on her site of my “Dreaming Amber” print (8×10). So if you would like a chance to win, go over there asap!! Of course, if you can’t bare to take the chance that you won’t win, Dreaming Amber is available for sale here starting at only $22. I hope to see you there.

picture of my painting Dreaming Amber

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