I opened up my mailbox last night to find a happy little envelope with stickers and hearts and stamps and was so excited to discover that it held goodies inside! 

In this world of automation, there is nothing like getting a hand written letter in the mailbox. And not that fakey hand written look either. Nope, this is the real thing. Just look what I got! My sweet friend Lisa over at Priti Studio must’ve felt sorry for me because I’ve been so pitiful lately, haha. Naww… she was just being her sweet giving self. 

Isn’t it a beautiful little set? I call it a set because she sent along one of her cards, I think it was a moo card, isn’t that what their called? It’s beautiful and a tiny piece of art! Now to the gorgeous pendant… I think I even made a little peep sound when I looked at the pendant and saw the word artist on there. I always feel kinda strange referring to myself as artist, but wearing it is a different story. I will proudly wear this beautiful piece of art by my friend Lisa. It makes me so happy. I love Frida and Lisa paints her beautifully. 

If you haven’t visited Lisa in a while you should go peek in. She just finished a spectacular commissioned piece of The Last Supper

Thank you, thank you Lisa… you’ve made my difficult week suck a little less.

p.s. is this font size crazy big?

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