Today is my birthday! I’m not looking so happy here in the photo below though…

newborn photoThis is pretty accurate still of how I look a lot of the time. My mom always did tell me I would throw my head back and laugh. I still love to laugh.

Jaime at 3 laughing

You can see that I’m a Party Girl from way back! And little future artist if you look at what seems to be an abstract piece behind me in the photo below.

Jaime at 3 wearing party hat

I found these photos in an album Mom gave to me several years ago.Β That’s her in the center and in the lower left photo. My dad in the lower right. Straight out of 1973. I was 3 years old. She made everything special.

collage of birthday pictures from 1973

Here I am today at 44 in my greenhouse (well, the other day). I sure wish Mom was here to celebrate now.

Jaime in her greenhouse

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