gift from Kim, one of my Creative Sistah’s

Woo hoo! It’s Cinco de Mayo! Pass a magarita over this way =) There are celebrations here and there in all our delicious Mexican restaurants, which we frequent often :p

Look at what my Creative Sistah Kim, none other than the Queen of ARt, sent me for my birthday! I love the rocks she painted and she’d been hanging on to that sweet and beautiful card for something special and I am honored that she sent it to me, I feel so loved 🙂 Thanks Kim.

My little guy is doing well after his surgery from Monday. Today he woke up crying and hurting, but he is better now. It just takes about 20 minutes for the medicine to kick in. He went to bed with his head hurting (of course I gave him meds) and woke up that way, but I think it’s just all catching up with him. Overall, it’s been much easier than I expected. I am hoping he’ll be okay to go to school on Monday. The dreaded “Day Three” which I was warned about has came and went and he seemed to be alright. I’m so relieved. He sleeps much better now and it is so wonderful to go in his room and listen to him sleeping soundly and breathing regularly. He’s drooling like mad, but at least he’s breathing! The surgeon told us his adnoids were completely blocking his airway so that’s why he’s been breathing through his mouth. His hearing is amazingly better too! I’m glad this is over.

I have been trying like crazy to find the time to finish my sketchbook for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Sketchbooks and I’m about finished. My book goes to Brandy and I’ve told her it’ll be late. I think I’ll be late for my own funeral, which might freak a few people out. So here’s a little sneak peek at my self portrait.

So last night when I quit working on this at 1:30 am I was thinking this wasn’t too bad. But this morning as I look at it, I’m less satisfied. It is still a work in progress but I don’t think it looks like me very much. I’m not exactly a portrait artist.

Enjoy your day my friends!

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