Doesn’t it just make your day to open up your email and discover a message that something you’ve made has been included in a treasury from Etsy or a collection from Artfire? It does mine and it did today! Looky! I got into a treasury today called For The Love of Pets from currator CraftbusPlus on Etsy, she has a shop chocked full of stamps and all kinds of goodies to make fun stuff with. Mine is the White Cat Valentine. For those of you who may have seen this before, I remade it into a greeting card (it was a postcard) and I took off the “I hate your guts” line and added a cute inside line. Not everyone has my sense of humor, oh well that’s okay… haha 😛

I was also in a Collection on Artfire a little while back. That’s what they call their treasuries. Same concept though. I’ve tried making treasuries before and failed. I need to get back on there and give it another try. I want to get in on the fun! In the meantime here is the Artfire Collection called On The Wings of Angels by the currator ByNanasHands on Artfire who makes a variety of things including toys, tote bags, eReader covers and a bunch of other neat things. Mine is the Sad Angel illustration note card set.

Thanks for looking! If you feel like it click on the link and take a closer peek!
Later tater…
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