It’s a Vintage Halloween for me this year. No, I don’t mean I’ve decorated everything up in vintage Halloween decor – although that would be pretty cool. I mean that I’m having to live vicariously through friends that have families that love or maybe even just tolerate Halloween fun.

My friend Jody is really into Halloween – dare I say even more than me? She goes all out decorating for it. Jody lives right in the middle of town and gets Trick or Treaters and lots of passerbys to enjoy her efforts. She posts photos of all the fun stuff she does with her family like pumpkin carving, making foot shaped meatloaf, baking Halloween themed cookies and of course her and her daughter host an awesome Halloween party that thankfully I get to attend.

I’m jealous. Yep, I said it. I’m jealous.

Halloween is my jam. However as the years have gone by and my son, now a Junior in high school, has his own thing with friends and a girlfriend. It’s bittersweet.

I can’t really drag him trick or treating can I? Can I? hmmm… haha of course not.

Shawnee Summer Theater during Halloween Trunk or Treat

However, I did get to do a paranormal investigation this past weekend with my girlfriends. It was at Shawnee Summer Theater in Bloomfield Indiana and it was a lot of fun. I got to hand out candy to the Trunk or Treaters and then we went in the theater to have popcorn, sweet treats and watch Ghost Busters on the big screen. It was really nice for them to treat the whole town to that. We were representing our group Kool Kids Supernatural Sleuths. See us here on Facebook.

Jaime Haney and Robin Kirk-Hotz sitting behind car in Shawnee Summer Theater parking lot handing out candy for Trunk or Treat

Above is my friend Robin (right) and myself. We’re handing out candy to all of the Trunk or Treaters that showed up, there was a lot!

Below is my friend Jody (left) and her daughter Shelby, who I mentioned above. Jody may deserve a new title… Halloween Queen. Hah!

car decorated up for Trunk or Treat at Shawnee Theater

After the movie, my paranormal group got on stage and talked a little about our equipment and took questions from the audience. Then, after everyone had left we got to investigate the theater and had 2 reporters from a local paper and a board member from the theater join us. I’ll share more about our investigation another time.

So for now I’ll leave you with a real Vintage Halloween photo of me. My grandma made my witches costume. circa 1977 maybe? Happy Halloween!

vintage Halloween witch


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paintings by Jaime Haney

A few paintings I’ve created

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