I’m just sick today. Banshee has taken off again and I cannot find her anywhere. I looked everywhere I could yesterday, even in my car. 

As some of you know, we live out in the country and there are lots of places for her to be hidden from view in. In a final attempt before bed last night, I whistled with all my might and listened intently. I thought that I heard her, it was hard to tell because of all the bull frogs, but I dragged my husband out of bed and we grabbed our flashlights and headed into the woods. It was horribly humid and I ended up with nothing but cob webs in my face and itchy sweaty body. I guess it really was a frog.

It has been very hot the last 2 days and I just have horrible visions of her laying in the hot sun, no water and she hasn’t had her pain pill since Saturday morning. I called the county animal control and left a message and I guess I’ve done all I can. I’m just so worried. I can’t help but think this may be it, but the worst part is just not knowing, and to think she may be hurt and needing help. Please, send good thoughts and prayers my way.

These pictures were just taken May 19th. We were having a cool snap and Banshee loves that kind of weather.

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