Here fishy, fishy by Jaime Haney
Here fishy, fishy, a photo by Jaime Haney on Flickr.

Here’s my icad for yesterday, 6/6/12 a nasty little fish that doesn’t know he’s joined the other side yet. Or maybe he does and that’s why he has this mischievous grin! See the latest icad’s from everyone here.

Oh boy in other news on the home front things are choppy. As most of you know, I lost my sweet kitty Glove early last week. Well, I just missed her so bad that I’ve already been looking to fill the void. I found a kitty that actually Asher and I have already met when she was just tiny and about a month old back in March. She was born on Leap Day. I made plans to get her today. I’ve already got a name picked out, bought new kitty toys, etc. etc. and was excited beyond belief.

So this morning I get a call from the kitty’s owner and there’s been an incident. Oh. Oh no. Miss Kitty, the mama had gotten into some stuff they spray on the fence posts, I’m assuming something like Round Up, and she is very sick and may not make it. The kittens that are left, they fear have crawled all over her and they are waiting for the same symptoms to appear in them. They want us to wait a week to make sure they are going to make it.


That is the sound of my heart falling to the floor 🙁

I had to tell Asher first thing that we could not get her this morning and of course he wants to know why. I had to tell him I didn’t know. He talks about the new kitten all the time. He is as excited as I am. 

This place is literally over the river and through the woods… haha over two rivers in fact including a ferry. Maybe things happen for a reason and we are not meant to make this hour and a half drive today. I hope that is it and that Miss Kitty and all the others will be okay. I’ll keep you posted.

And in case you’re wondering I was going to name her Frida and here she is… I sure hope we see her again.
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