Here’s a little ACEO that I named “Happy”. I hope her little starfish doesn’t fall off… ha ha. Today up in the art studio, since it is the new fun place to be for Asher, I was able to get a small project finished and this is it. As usual, as I sit at my drawing table, I haven’t the faintest of ideas what to draw. Sometimes, I have dreams of the things I draw, but more often than not I just make it up as I go along. I get so inspired by drifting around the sites and blogs that when I get in the studio I wonder why my mind just goes blank.

Last night, I found the most marvelous site called Creative Souls. I have had so much fun and inspiration from just browsing through the artists on there. I loved it so much I joined as you can see from me proudly displaying the logo to the right here. If you get time, go visit and join the fun!
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