I did it! I bought my curtains for my kitchen! You guys are not gonna believe the deal I got on my curtains that I was telling you guys about and asked advice for. I have great advice from all you friends out there in blogland and thank you all so much for your kind and encouraging words. I thought about sewing my own curtains for about 2 seconds and ditched that idea simply because there are so many windows and I had to face reality, I just don’t have that kind of free time. If I did, I would be creating more art than I am.

I left you all last with them costing $29.99 on sale thru Saturday and I had a 15% off coupon, and I needed 10 of them. Well, I went in to the JCPenny Home Store tonight and thought I’ll just look at them in person and make sure this is what I want and that they are worth the money. A lot of you mentioned that they were a fair price and I whole heartedly agree, but I love to get a bargain. So I walked in and the nice ladies there were all friendly and willing to help me so I felt comfortable to tell them I was looking for a better deal on the curtains. One mentioned the scratch off tickets they had behind the counter. She helped me by looking them up in the computer and I went off with her to look at the curtains but they didn’t have my color, which I was surprised. I just figured they wouldn’t have the ten that I needed. I asked her if she had any intuition about which scratch offs were “winners” as in 30% off which is the maximum you can get off and she told me she’d been pretty good the last few times she picked them out. We went back to the register and she offered me a scratch off ticket and BAM! It was 30% OFF! So she helped me order them and I don’t even have to pay shipping because I can pick them up at the store! Ok, I know you are dying to know what they ended up costing… so (drum roll, please… dat dat dat dat dat…) $17.89 each! Can you believe that??? I am so delighted! These are normally $55.00 each! I am just so thrilled, it must be meant to be that I have curtains instead of pokey corners pointing out at me all the time 🙂

They are supposed to be in next Wednesday evening so next week I hope to be posting pictures of my new window treatments soon! I know they are going to just transform the look of my kitchen and I can’t wait!! I don’t think I could’ve even made them much cheaper than this. I’m so happy!!

Oh and one thing I’d like to ask of all of you. Please say a little prayer for my son, Asher. He has had a what I thought to be a stye in his eye for about 2 weeks now and it has gotten so bad and not healing I took him in to the doctor on Monday and she put him on antibiotics, oral and drops and wanted to know Thursday morning if it had not improved and then to get him into an eye doctor. It now looks kinda fleshy and has a hard knot under his eye, like where we get bags. Well, it’s not better and I am so worried that it’s a tumor or something terrible like that. It looks pretty bad and the thing that scares me is it doesn’t hurt him. I’ve always had a lot of soreness with a stye. So we have an eye doctors appointment Friday at 11:15 am. I’m worried he may have to have it lanced, be put under, that it is a tumor or worse that he could lose his vision! I know… my mama worrying habit is getting the better of me and I shouldn’t worry until he tells us what it is. But I can’t help it. So please, just a quick prayer or special thought at that time that he is healed and it turns out to be no big deal.

Thank you all my friends! Here’s some super sweet pictures of the twins.

Lightning – doesn’t she look like a nautilus shell all curled up?
Thunder – he’s more of a straight out sleeper, look at that cute fat little belly

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