Well about yesterday’s Sunshine Award… mixed emotions I absolutely love that someone thought enough of me to give me one, but….

I wish there were an easier way to do that! PLUS I knew I would forget someone that has shown such kindness and offered friendship and I did. I’m sure I forgot a lot. I want to extend my Sunshine Award to all my inspirational friends!!!! (like Luthien @ Pimp and Paint and Karen @ Sassmowth Designs
The limit was 12 and I did go over that but I still didn’t get everyone. I feel bad at leaving anyone out! The awards are a bittersweet thing. I feel great that I received one, but man! that took me literally a couple hours to link it all and then go and spread the good news. I almost hate to ask others to do it when I know how busy most everyone is! So I intentionally left some out because I was thinking there is no way this person has this kind of extra time!
So I want to give a shout out to ALL my friends and I consider you all friends and you ALL deserve a Sunshine Award because as I read all of your posts they really do bring a little bit of sunshine to my day at least for that moment and I really appreciate that! I’m not just talking about when someone comments on my post (which makes me feel really great!), but just people posting about their lives in general. I truly do love to read about people and their lives.
Most of you know I’m a stay at home mom and this little computer screen is the window to the outside world for me. I not only don’t get out much… I live in the boondocks. I have no neighbors that I can see and I know that may sound like paradise to some (cause I thought that too once) but sometimes I feel very isolated. My best friend is an hour away and works a lot. I just recently lost my mom, ok ok ok… this is turning badly and I didn’t mean for it to take this turn. But what I mean to say is that I truly love these online friendships that have formed and continue to form. You all mean a lot to me 🙂 Big hugs to you all!
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