I love getting packages and mail especially when they are surprises, but even when I know what’s coming like this box of books I treated myself to!!! It’s so great to get something in the mailbox that’s not a bill! haha… anyway look at these!

So fun! I’ve started to read one of them. It’s hard right now, because I am still reading through all the wonderful OWOH posts. So mostly just here and there. Anytime I get a free moment I’m responding to a comment and reading another blog, it really is a lot of fun but time is running out!

Speaking of time, I’m losing a little today because my poor little man is going to the doctor. We had a birthday bash to go to this past weekend and had loads of fun. But for those of you with kids, you know that at this time of year it’s a snot fest. So, yep, he’s contracted something… and it’s snotty. He’s going to the doctor mainly because he’s got another earache. Can’t have my Tweedle (that’s one of my nicknames for him) hurting.

I wonder if the doctor will notice that I’m growing Mt. Fuji on my chin?

Have a great day friends!

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